Starts the 4th June at 10AM, all other days open at 8AM
Accreditations office at the entrance to Miles Davis Hall

For all athletes registered on the FIE website, accreditation is generated automatically.

Individual Competition: 60 € / Referee Fee: 80 €
Team Competition: 400 €
Bank details for the bank transfer
CH – 8070 Zürich
Fondation Masque d’Or
Account Number: 773144-41
IBAN: CH95 0483 5077 3144 4100 0

Subject of payment: Entry Fees Fencing Euro 2015, Name of Federation
We would like to ask the delegations, if possible, to pay in advance by bank transfer. If that’s not possible, the entry fee has to be paid upon arrival by the head of delegation at the accreditation desk in cash, in Euro only.

For all other accreditations, a request must be made by sending a digital passport photo in JPG format to not later than May 31, 2015.

The number of “Trainer NF” accreditations being requested must be specified in the email to

A quota equal to 50% of the total number of accredited athletes will be applied to the following functions: Trainer NF, Head of delegation, Medical, Technician, Accompany, Press Attache.

No quota : Secretary general, President

The photo must be labelled in the following manner taking care of the upper and lower case letters:

FAMILY NAME_First Name_NATION_function
Example: MUSTER_Maria_SUI_medical.

The following functions are currently defined:

  • Athlete
  • Athlete team
  • Trainer NF *
  • Technician NF
  • Medical NF
  • Head of delegation
  • Press Attache NF
  • Transferable Coach NF
  • President NF
  • Secretary general NF

* No photo necessary : accreditations are transmissible.